WEBCAMS - These are some of my favorite webcams and related sites. Occasionally they will be unavailable or slow to load/refresh, but usually you will be able to see what's happening in Duluth, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Rochester and other locations.

The Shipping Schedule is updated frequently (many times a day when ship traffic is heavy) by Kenneth Newhams with approximate arrival and departure times. Although the times can not always be exact, this will give you a ballpark time to be watching the webcams below. For more interesting photos, click on this link, then click on the link for Duluth Shipping News. Lots of great photos and interesting news about shipping in Duluth.

Visit Duluth Livecam.   This webcam refreshes about every 4 seconds. Sometimes the camera view also changes that quickly, but usually it stays put for at least a few minutes.

Lake Superior Marine Museum webcam.   Enjoy watching arrivals and departures of the ships at the Duluth Harbor Aerial Lift Bridge. Check the shipping schedule for approximate times. If you see large groups of people gathering, that may mean a ship is coming or going. Look on the horizon for arriving ship. If you don't see one arriving and the people are still standing by the canal, wait a few minutes. Probably a ship is departing and you will be able to see it leaving.

The webcam at Great Lakes Aquarium sponsored by Duluth News Tribune, has a nice view of the lift bridge. I have changed this link as of January 2009. It is still the same webcam, but it is from the Duluth News Tribune website, not the Great Lakes Aquarium website. Hit the refresh button to update the image.

WDIO Tower Cam shows many different views of the harbor from a camera that is way up on the hill.

WDIO Harbor Cam This webcam gives a variety of views including a view of the Lift Bridge from the harbor side, or the Railroad Museum at the Train Depot, Canal Park shops and restaurants, the William A. Irving as well as other interesting sights. This webcam usually updates approximately every 10 minutes. Just hit your refresh button.

MN DOT Traveler Information allows you to look at over 100 different traffic webcams in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

University of Minnesota Institute of Technology Webcam shows a live view of Northrop Mall on the east bank of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus. Every few minutes the camera pans to the right and then a few minutes later, it pans to the left.

Here are a few traffic cameras in Rochester along Highway 52.

Are you wondering about the conditions in St. Paul, e.g. the weather and pollution? This Midwest Hazecam shows a current photo of downtown St. Paul and a photo of the ideal conditions, plus some statistics such as temperature, wind speed and humidity. On the left margin are links to a few other Midwest cities that you might find interesting. However, many of the links are no longer active due to funding cuts.

Peace Plaza in Downtown Rochester was completely redone these last few years. You can see the new improved Peace Plaza here with the University of Minnesota Rochester's Weather Cam. On the left is Mac's Cafe with the blue awning and then beyond that is O&B Shoes, a great place to get good shoes. On the right is Barnes & Noble with a book for anyone and everyone.

You can see an old webcam image of how it looked before the facelift here. This shows the last image (I assume) before that webcam was retired. I didn't think there would be a new webcam overlooking Peace Plaza, but luckily, when the University of Minnesota moved into the building, they put up a webcam. Now you can always see what is happening downtown on the Peace Plaza.

From sunny downtown Rochester, see what's happening on Civic Center Drive. This camera is located on top of the Post Bulletin Building. Typically it is pointed north and you can watch the traffic on Civic Center Drive.

Okay, this isn't a webcam either, but it is the NOAA radar out of Minneapolis. Find out if you will need to grab your umbrella, your sunscreen, or your boots and mittens today. Once on the Minneapolis radar page, you can navigate to other cities to see what the weather is like for your area.