Here's a few photos taken in Rochester, Minnesota of the Mayo Clinic and surrounding area. Take a look at the thumbprint and read the description beside it. If you would like to see a larger image, click on the thumbprint photo. Periodically I will take down some photos and put new ones up.

Dr. Charlie and Dr. Will Mayo This statue of Dr. Will Mayo and Dr. Charlie Mayo is located just across the street from the Mayo Clinic's Gonda Building, and adjacent to one of the patient parking ramps.
Mayo Clinic courtyard This relaxing couryard is located on the subway level of the Charlton Building. There are many places like this inside and outside throughout the Mayo Clinic complex as well as other places downtown Rochester.
Baldwin Building The Baldwin Building is for Community Medicine, i.e. community residents. From there, patients may be referred on to the Mayo Building for more tests if necessary. If hospitalization is needed, either Methodist or St. Mary's Hospital are nearby. This sign is typical of the signs you will see all over the Mayo campus.
Mayo Clinic This is the main Mayo Building with its glass walled connection to the Gonda Building. From the air, this building looks like a cross. The main elevators are in the central core and typically you will go to a desk on either west or east side from there.
Mayo Clinic Another photo of Mayo shows the Gonda Building on the left side. Construction continues on the interior of some of the floors of Gonda, but many floors are completed with patient waiting areas, examination rooms and areas where procedures are performed.
Mayo Clinic buildings I like this photo for all the buildings it shows. The main gray Mayo Building is on the left. The Plummer Building is the the right of that. The 2 story building in front of Plummer Building was the Public Library many years ago but now is the Mayo Medical School Student Center. To the right of that, in brown glass, is the Guggenheim Building and reflected in the windows of that is the Harwick Building.
Dale Chihuly glass Artwork is everywhere in the Mayo buildings. This is one of many pieces by famous artist Dale Chihuly. It was installed in 2001 in the Gonda Building and can be seen from windows on the street as well as lobby level and subway level.
hosta Trees and hosta plants line the street south of the Harwick Building. One of the first things you will notice at the Mayo Clinic is the abundance of trees, plants and flowers that provide such a restful atmosphere as you go from one building to another or shop downtown or eat at the many restaurants.
Mayo Clinic flowers Flowers are really everywhere at Mayo. These are located between the Charlton Building and Charlton North. Across from this ( but not in the photo) is the Graham Parking Ramp which also has lots of flowers around it. In the background is Charter House.