I have lots of photos of Quarry Hill Nature Center. Take a look at the thumbprint and read the description beside it. If you would like to see a larger image, click on the thumbprint photo.

Stan the Dinosaur, a tyrannosaurus rex Stan the Dinosaur visited Quarry Hill Nature Center for a few weeks in February and March. Many classes of students were able to visit and the exhibit was open to the general public for a nominal fee when classes weren't in session. Stan was very popular and made a lasting impression on the students as well as other visitors.

Quarry Hill Nature Center Quarry Hill Nature Center sits on the side of a wooded hill. You can find trees, trails and a pond outside and exhibits, books and activities inside. If you are adventurous, you can walk through the park to the other side where a large picnic area is located.

Entryway at Quarry Hill If you need information, stop at the front counter. The staff and volunteers will be happy to answer your questions to help you have a wonderful visit each time you come to Quarry Hill.

Aquariums, birds, bones, spiders, snakes In this large exhibit room you will find a large aquarium with live fish, numerous stuffed birds, bones, animal pelts, shells, and many other artifacts on display for you to look at. Often there will be activity just outside the window that is also very interesting.

Pick up, touch, examine stuff Did I say look at the stuff? You can pick this stuff up and examine all the items on this table as well as other tables. There is even a display that invites you to use only your sense of touch to try to identify items.

Quarry Hill turtles Some turtles climb onto their favorite log to soak up some sun this spring while a few ducks swim past in the pond at Quarry Hill. I counted at least 10 turtles on the log when I took this photo.