These are some of the restaurants we enjoy going to. They are in no particular order.

Daube's Bakery Daube's Bakeries and Cafes has locations downtown on Historic 3rd Street, in the US Bank subway, and the main bakery on 5th Place NW. Wonderful cakes, pastries and breads of course, but also soups, and salads are availabe at all 3 locations. At Jaspers you will find wonderful dining into the evening, plus a wide variety of wines.
Culver's For more information about Culver's visit their website. Note: They do list the flavor and specials of the day, however, I don't think it is actually updated, so if in doubt, you can call and ask.
Michael's Fine Dining Michael's Restaurant is probably the restaurant most people are familiar with in Rochester. Lining the walls in the entry from the valet parking area are photos of the famous people who have eaten at Michael's in the last 50 years. You can find movie stars, politicians, athletes, journalists, musicians and many more, over 100 photos. But people don't come for the photos, they come for the food and the great service. There are daily specials for lunch and dinner every day. Even if the line looks long for lunch, you will be surprised at how quickly you are seated. I would recommend you try a cup of their famous Avgolemono Soup, which is a creamy chicken and rice with lemon. When we go to Michael's for dinner, we always have their onion rings, the best we've had anywhere. Their menu is on their website, so you will be able to see all the taste treats before you even get there.
Prescotts Grill Prescotts Grill is a fairly new restaurant in Rochester. We went to it because a co-worker told us about it. I have not see much publicity or advertising about this restaurant and yet on a weekend night you will often have to wait for a table. So it seems word of mouth is all they need to bring in a crowd. They have a very large wine selection, wonderful, absolutely wonderful, breads (three or four kinds in the bread basket), very tasty salads, excellent steak, and scrumptious desserts. We have only been there three times and have not tried out all the menu items yet,but we are convinced. If you want casual elegance, excellent service, and exquisite food, you have to check out Prescotts Grill.
Rainbow Cafe in Pine Island Rainbow Cafe is located in Pine Island, just 20 minutes north of Rochester. The food is wonderful, not what you would expect from a cafe. Such things as Salmon, Walleye, Steak and Ribs. Plus wonderful soups and salads and delicious desserts.